Let’s celebrate Tazaungdaing Festival together with MPT!

In the month of November, Myanmar traditional popular festival “Tazaungdaing Festival” would be held and people around Myanmar are always grateful to join this festival.

MPT will always be together with Myanmar people and so, would like to arrange a bunch of promotions to let MPT lovers enjoy the best deal offer during this period. Let’s find out what benefits you would get today!

Welcome to Tazaungdaing Festival with MPT’s Lucky Prizes!!


MPT wishes all Myanmar People peaceful and healthy during Tazaungdaing festival period. In “November”, MPT would offer amazing lucky prizes to let all MPT lovers enjoy by participating a variety of special promotions. Please note that rewards and bonuses from this event cannot be replaceable as it happens only within limited period. So, please look forward to participating on “MPT Special Day” which would come on 11 Nov 2022.

555% Cash Back lucky prize & up to 200 MPT Club Point Bonus!

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MPT Special Flash

Let’s welcome Tazaungdaing Festival with MPT Tazaungdaing Special Flash! This monthly lucky draw event has come to you with exciting lucky prizes in November, Tazaungdaing festival Season.
Prizes you could win in this event are 555% CashBack and up to 200 MPT Club Point Bonus! Moreover,if you subscribe, can get a special chance to win additional bonus points.
Lucky prize winners can get those chances only on 11 Nov 2022 by buying specified packages.
To participate in this promotion, please subscribe for free via *71111# from 01 to 10 November 2022. Only one time subscription is needed. After that, you just need to check whether you are a winner or not via confirmed SMS.

  • “Up to 200 MPT Club Points” are additional benefits and number of those points is directly related to how many times you have participated in previous months.
  • The more times you have participated in previous MPT Special Flash events continuously, the more MPT Club points you will receive in this event of October.
  • For subscribing this promotion, you can earn upto 50 MPT Club Points.
  • Club Point bonus would be triple (up to 150 Points) if you win “555% Cash Back” lucky chance and participate on coming MPT Special Day 11/11

Please check below for how you can join this promotion!

flash (1)
flash1 (1)
After subscribing via *71111# (01 to 10 Nov)After following SMS instruction on 11 Nov (if you won lucky chance)Total
1st time subscription (Nov’22)10 Points
30 Points
40 Points
2nd time subscription (Oct & Nov’22)20 Points
60 Points
80 Points
3rd time subscription (Sep, Oct & Nov’22) 30 Points
90 Points
120 Points
4th time subscription ( Aug, Sep, Oct & Nov’22)40 Points
120 Points
160 Points
5th time and above subscription
**MPT Special Flash started in Nov’21.
50 Points
150 Points
200 Points

Remark: For subscription before MPT Special Days and participating to get lucky prize on MPT Special Day, you will get MPT Club Point bonus which will be credited to your phone number within November, 2022.

Let’s grab this chance now and participate Tazaungdaing Special Day on 11/11 (MPT Special Day).

We will be back with more exciting offers soon! Please wait for it..

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