What is LoTaYa?

MPT’s LoTaYa which provides a wide variety of lifestyle, beauty, health, horoscope, cartoon and webtoon contents to inform and enrich your daily life. LoTaYa can use in both MPT4U application and LoTaYa website. To download MPT4U application, dial *2727#  on your mobile and receive MPT4U application download URL, via Google play store https://bit.ly/3O44r9w and via App store https://apple.co/3zBPeIA. (Data charges will apply for downloading the application from Google play store and App store.)

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How can we enjoy LoTaYa?

How to use LoTaYa through MPT4U application?

For easy way to enjoy the LoTaYa article, click the MPT4U’s LoTaYa icon.  You can see the instructions for downloading the MPT4U application at the top of this page.

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How to directly access LoTaYa website?

You can access LoTaYa website directly at this link https://bit.ly/3O9wXXe  and enjoy many of your favorite articles daily.

Enjoy daily LoTaYa website

How to read latest LoTaYa articles from the LoTaYa Telegram channel?

Join the LoTaYa Telegram Channel, which offers only the best LoTaYa articles, via this link https://bit.ly/3n3abFb and enjoy daily articles.


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LoTaYa Category


Daily, weekly horoscope articles and horoscope tips

Short story

Horror, mysterious ghost story, funny and romance novels

Funny Cartoon

Enjoyable funny cartoon of Daddy and Sein Maung Shwee, Ma Ma Mae and Ko Ko Thwut’s


A variety of amazing horror stories and love stories webtoons

Beauty and Lifestyle

Beauty tips from head to toe and articles for a happy life


Reliable and trusty health article


Fun quiz articles


Interesting discovery articles


Enjoys daily dhamma sermons

Terms And Conditions

Frequently Asked Question

1. Does MPT4U application work on all mobile devices for enjoying LoTaYa’s articles?

MPT4U application works on Android version 5.0 and iOS Version 9.0 above.

2. Can users enjoy LoTaYa’s articles on other networks or Wi-Fi?

Users can enjoy LoTaYa articles on both Wi-Fi and mobile network via MPT4U app or LoTaYa’s Website. It will be data charges free when you use it with MPT mobile network. MPT network is required to use some specific function of LoTaYa.

3. Will data charges apply for enjoying LoTaYa’s articles?

Data charges will not apply for enjoying LoTaYa articles on MPT mobile network.

4. What types of content are available on LoTaYa?

There are variety of daily horoscope, entertainment, short story, funny and webtoon articles, dhamma sermons, MPT vas services and update promotional information.

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