E-invoice via USSD More Information

Q.1 What kinds of invoice I can request by this new USSD (*260#) channel?

A.1 You can request e-invoice notification for all MPT Postpaid Service (PSTN, ADSL, GSM, CDMA, IPStar) and FTTH.

Q.2 Will there be service charges by using this new USSD channel?

A.2 MPT will not charge any additional service fee.

Q.3 How to request e-invoice notification by using MPT GSM Mobile?

A.3  Dial *260# and request monthly invoice notification accordingly user guideline.

Q.4 Can I use other operator like Telenor GSM mobile to request E-invoice?

A.4 You can request by using only MPT GSM mobile.

Q.5 How can I request by MPT GSM mobile?

A.5 You can request E-invoice notification by following steps

Step1: Dial *260#

Step2: Enter “Account Code” and click “Send”

Step3: Enter “1” to proceed

Step4: You will receive your latest monthly invoice notification SMS

Q.6 What language of E-invoice SMS will be sent out to requester?

A.6 E-invoice SMS will send with English and Myanmar languages to requester.

Q.7 How can I know if SMS is successful or not?

A.7 USSD will show pop-up successful message and you will receive latest monthly invoice notification SMS.

Q.8 If I do not receive SMS after I request E-invoice?

A.8 Kindly contact to Call Center (106) or at the MPT payment collection counter (TRA) .

Q.9 Can we request E-invoice on behalf of someone ? What is the information need ?

A.9 Yes. You can. You need service owner’s information e.g Account Code to receive latest monthly invoice bill.

Q.10 Is there time limitation to request E-invoice?

A.10  This USSD channel is 24/7 available.

Q.11 In case my line is being suspended but there is monthly invoice bill , can I use this new USSD channel to receive E-invoice SMS?

A.11 Although your line is being suspended by any reasons, still you can request your latest monthly invoice notification via new USSD channel.

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